Friday, March 16, 2012

Walt Disney's Animated Movies Blog Hop - Beauty and the Beast 3/17/12

If you are looking for the All About 3D Blog Hop, please click here!!!
Welcome to Walt Disney's Animated Movies Blog Hop!!! What makes this hop phenomenal as in no other hop is that every Friday, we will be paying tribute to different movies SOOOO, you will need to mark you calendars for every Friday for these special blog hops:

March 16: Beauty and the Beast
March 23: Cinderella
March 30: Alice in Wonderland

Today, we are celebrating all those cute characters that come alive on the screen. If you just happened to visit me today, I wouldn't want you to miss one chime of the clock and would want you to start with Lisa at then you are at the right spot!!!!

My project today is a 2 page layout.

There is a great line-up today for the hop and I wouldn't want you to miss a single spot:

Beauty and the Beast Blog Lineup:
  1. Lisa - You are here!!!
  2. Bonnie- You go here next!!!
  3. Barbara-
  4. Lynne -
  5. Anita -
  6. Kimberly ~

You are probably wondering if there is going to be a prize for this hop. There is. It will be a Disney animated movie but I will reveal as to which movie it is going to be at a later time. To be eligible for this prize, you have to follow my blog and everyone else's blog that is in this hop. You also must leave me and the other wonderful ladies a comment in order to qualify for the prize. The grand prize will be awarded at the end of this month. You get one entry for each of the 4 blog hops during the series of Walt Disney Animated Movies Blog Hops during each of the Friday's in the month of March. So if you just choose one of the Fridays to attend, you would only get one entry but if you choose to attend all four hops during the month of March, you get a bonus entry since you came to all four hops, then you will receive 4 + 1 entries, which makes your chance of winning the movie go up with each entry.

Thanks for stopping by today and visiting and checking out my project, I now must send you on your way but watch out for the beast as I send you on to Bonnie- . Please stop back again real soon for another great project.

All About 3D Blog Hop 3/17 - 3/18

Welcome to the 3D Blog Hop, this hop is going to have projects that are all 3D. To be eligible for the grand prize drawing you must leave a comment for everyone and become a follower. The winner will be announced one week after the hop closes so that everything can be checked. Here is a list of all the crafty bloggers....

Jessica - You came from here!!!

My project is an Easter album. Plenty of things pop off the pages of this album.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures but I have been busy with my brand new grandson.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will stop by again real soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Charlie Brown & the Gang Blog Hop March 12, 2012


Welcome to Charlie Brown and the Gang Blog Hop. Charlie Brown and his gang are out to play with us today whether it be baseball, holding the football or just hangin' out!!!! Don't forget that Snoopy has to get the Red Baron and not fall behind the enemy lines. Also, you may want to stop off at Lucy's booth to have a second opinion!!! Not only all these characters, Kari's son Josh, loves Charlie Brown with his favorite character being Snoopy and its his 18th birthday! Be sure to wish Josh a Happy Birthday on Kari's Blog at

I just wanted to wish Josh a Happy 18th Birthday, enjoy it while you can!!!!!!

There are so many characters to depict here and we all have our favorites!!!! With this in mind, we will be setting up scenes whether it be a lay-out, card, decorative piece but rest assured, you will be seeing Charles Schultz characters being showcased!!!!!

Now, if you just happened to be visiting me, I'm thrilled and glad to show you my project and offer you advice for 5 cents, BUT I would love for you to start at the beginning of our story and that is with Kari at Now, if you arrived from Christel - then you are on the correct base on the baseball field!!!

We have a terrific All-Star group of sponsors:
  • Lynne Kirsch - chipboard figures of Charlie Brown and the Gang
  • Shannon Leffew Keith offering flowers from her etsy shop
  • Colleen Duffy Hathaway is offering a paper pieced set of your choice from Scraptastical Kreations (

My project is a 2 page layout which I am putting my grandson's pictures on if he ever decides he wants to come out of mommy.

Your next stop with Charlie Brown and the Gang is Shannon - and be sure not to let Lucy tease you with that line "I'll hold the football" !

The Lineup:
  1. Kari -
  2. Susan -
  3. Amy -
  4. Christel - You came from here!!!
  5. Lisa - You are here!!!
  6. Shannon - You go here next!!!
  7. Tami-
  8. Kimberly ~
  9. Colleen -
  10. Vicki -
  11. Lynne -
  12. Edwina-
  13. Anita ~

Thanks for stopping and I would love it if you came back again real soon for some more great projects.