Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shrek and Donkey Together Again Blog Hop 7/19/2012


Welcome to Shrek and Donkey Together Again Blog Hop!!!! Aren't they the most unlikely duo around? Shrek an ugly ogre who says "Ogre's are like onions, you need to peal the layers to know about them" and Donkey, what can I say but he is the sidekick that loves waffles for breakfast and talks a mile a minute!!! The two together rescue a damsel in distress for fairy tale despising Lord Farquaad who wants Fiona . . . The movie and musical are actually are loosely based on a book by William Steig"s 1990 book called "Shrek!". The movie parodies nursery rhymes which not only makes a great kid's movie but great adult entertainment as only an adult can appreciate!!!We have a small but fabulous line-up for you today as we depict this fun-loving duo. 

  1. Lynne ~
  2. Anita~  You came from here!!!
  3. Lisa ~  You are here!!!
  4. Kimberly ~  You go here next!!!

My project is a one page layout. Hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by our little neck of the woods as all the fairy tale characters are hiding her to avoid that Lord Farquaad and as you know what they say about him ....... Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stop back again real soon.


Crafting With Blue said...

omg lisa. i love this. they loooook so real.

Kimberly Pate | KP Kreations said...

Great project!!! Love the Shrek and Donkey