Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another blog award.

I just received an award from on my birthday. What a wonderful birthday present! 

Upon receiving this award, one must:
1) Wear the badge proudly on your Blog
2) Tell 5 Cricut-related things about yourself
3) Share this award with 10 other Blogs you think are Cricut-tastic

So 5 Cricut-related things about me:
1). I just got my Cricut Expression2 Anniversary edition in May.
2) I really want A Cricut Imagine!
3) I use my Cricut a lot but more for the SVG files that I find.
4). The three best sites to get SVG files to cut on your Cricut are MSC, LSHD, and TBD.
5). The reason I bought the Cricut is because of the SVG files I bought to cut. 

There are so many great blogs out there but I am passing this award on to the following blogs because I really like to visit them alot! 

1) Lisa -
2) Deb -
3) Tristan -
4) Shawnee -
5) Rachelle –
6) Sheri -
7) Elsa -
8) Creativek Kuts -
9) Mickie -
10) Corrine -

Please check these blogs out - there are so many clever and creative things to be discovered! :)

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